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Wolfdôr (wolf-woodlands) - An Introduction

Wolfdôr immerses you into history and fantasy. Our pop culture inspired loose-leaf teas, apparel, decor and other goods allow every fan to live within their favourite fictional and historical worlds. Every product is uniquely handcrafted in Whitby, Ontario, Canada.

Wolf-dôr is a combination of the english word Wolf and the Elven (fictional) word dôr meaning woodlands. The conjunction of these two words, one fictional and one real, represents the combining of both fantasy and reality. The wolf is an ancient symbol of guardianship, loyalty and spirit. It's also prevalent in medieval Latin culture and popular fantasy (as seen in Game of Thrones). It's also a symbol of the forest; a place of solitude where one can explore their surroundings, exercise their creativity and escape into whatever world they want.

Wolfdôr is more than an e-commerce shop. We constantly invest passion and time into the creation of our tea blends, their rustic and realistic aesthetic and the overall reputation of our brand. As a matter of fact, our brand took decades and the creative minds of thousands to develop. The stories, environments, characters, cultures and worlds created by the imagination of brilliant inventors including J.R.R. Tolkien, George R.R. Martin and J.K. Rowling have all made their mark on Wolfdôr. Living and escaping into their worlds for a few hours at a time deemed to be too short of an experience; we wanted something more. We wanted to craft a tasty and tangible piece of our favourite tales to heighten the experiences of these alternate worlds; a tea to sip on while adventuring through Skyrim on your PC or cuddling up to watch Harry Potter.

Tea offers an extraordinary look into the fictional and old worlds of the minds or history of humans. Tea can be consumed and made by anyone; all it requires is some hot water and a good blend of fruits, spices and leaves. It's also very healthy, offering numerous benefits to digestion, weight, hydration and the overall maintenance of our body. Our flavours and blends reflect what that tangible piece of lore may taste like in real-life. Our Sweetroll tea, inspired by the popular video game Skyrim, tastes of vanilla, cinnamon and roasted apple. We'd like to believe a real-life sweetroll would taste similar to that. Our Butterbeer tea, Wolfdor's most popular blend, includes fresh butterscotch chips, vanilla and a dash of cinnamon in a South African rooibos base. This combination brings to life the buttery, sweet and spiced flavour of real-life Butterbeer!

As an addition to our shop, we'll be providing insights into the medieval, fictional and historic ways of life through our blog. We'll produce articles on historic and lore-inspired recipes, ancient ways of life, opinion-pieces on pop-culture, camping/survival and more. We've taken our passions further to offer and handcraft other medieval-inspired goods including wooden street signs, tavern signs, drinking tankards and Viking horns. Our blog will be a space to offer informal creative pieces inspired by popular fantasy culture and history. We strive to create a home for those who share the same passion for creativity and help them escape into their favourite worlds.


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