Lannister's Golden Blend - Orange Pekoe Tea
  • Lannister's Golden Blend - Orange Pekoe Tea

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    House Lannister had administered the best maester’s and apothecaries of the Realm to develop a blend of loose leaf that proved irresistible at taverns, inns and brothels of King’s Landing. The stimulating effects of the orange pekoe tea returned their investments handsomely, making for a golden brew known throughout all of Westeros. Even Cersei took breaks from wine to enjoy a hearty cup.

    Tea #3 of the Westeros Houses Collection.

    Ingredients: Orange pekoe black tea. (Strength = 3/5 : Enjoy with milk and sugar)

    1 Bag = 50 grams/roughly 17-18 tbsp looseleaf (0.75 - 1 tbsp per 1 cup of 8/oz tea) Instructions: Bring water to a boil, pour and let looseleaf tea steep for around 5 minutes. Consume within 6 months of purchase. Handcrafted in Whitby, Ontario, Canada. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook:@wolfdorcoShare your tea with us using #Wolfdor #TeaYourFavTaleCheck out our other fan-made, lore and popular story-based teas and tea collection chests!