Milk of the Poppy - Looseleaf Tea
  • Milk of the Poppy - Looseleaf Tea

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    Used for overcoming great pain, this looseleaf variant of the famous anesthetic is made of ground poppy flower and Kingswood river water. This popular and addictive painkiller was originally concocted and brewed by Maesters of the Citadel, but is now found on the streets of King’s Landing. The crushed poppy flower has since been blended with black tea, Dornish peaches and Sunspearian ginger.


    Ingredients: Black tea leaves, ginger, natural and unnatural peach flavouring, flower.


    Product #2 of the Westeros Collection


    1 Bag = 50 grams/roughly 17-18 tbsp looseleaf (0.75 - 1 tbsp per 1 cup of 8/oz tea) Instructions: Bring water to a boil, pour and let looseleaf tea steep for around 5 minutes.


    Handcrafted in Whitby, Ontario, Canada. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook: @wolfdorco


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