Triple Tale Coffee Collection - Dark Roast, Vanilla Hazelnut and Chocolate
  • Triple Tale Coffee Collection - Dark Roast, Vanilla Hazelnut and Chocolate

    Our first collection of coffee beans includes our dark roast, vanilla hazelnut and chocolate blends! This pack is a total of 300 grams in Arabica coffee bans. Check out the included coffees below: 


    Gandalf the Dark

    Gandalf the Dark is Wolfdôr's first dark roast coffee. Roasted at the Bree Inn, these pure Arabica beans are cooked to the wizard's liking. Legend has it Gandalf himself plucked a bean from his pocket while battling the Balrog of Morgoth and roasted it on it's incinerating flames. 


    Ingredients: 100% Organic Arabica coffee beans. Espresso Riserva. 


    The Winking Skeever

    The Winking Skeever is the most famed inn of Solitude, known for its warm beds and cold, refreshing mead. However, a new favourite among Skyrim travellers and Imperial city guards is this rare chocolate - caramel roast. This combination of Khajit-traded spices and flavours of hazelnut, cocoa and Arabica bean offer the simple peasants of Skyrim a taste of foreign lands. 


    Ingredients: 100% Organic Arabica coffee beans, natural vanilla, hazelnut flavouring, cocoa flavouring. (Strength: Medium, very sweet flavours of vanilla and hazelnut)


    Nordic Woodlands

    To roast this sweet, rare brew, woodland Norsemen tribes of the ancient Scandinavian forests would pillage Eastern lands in search of the famous cocoa flavoured beans. Often drank as a celebration to Odin, viking warriors gave praise to their victims for their spoils of war through the brewing of this roast. Woodland tribes often traded these rare beans for other goods. 


    Ingredients: 100% Arabica coffee beans, natural cocoa powder, artificial cocoa flavouring (Strength: Medium, flavours of chocolate, coconut and caramel) 


    1 Bag = 100 grams of coffee beans. Instructions: Grind beans to your preference, enter into filter/machine and brew. Consume within 2 months of purchase for freshest serving. 100 grams of beans = roughly 10-15 8oz cups of coffee (depending on preferred strength). 


    Handcrafted in Whitby, Ontario, Canada. Sourced from Fair Trade Certified distributor. 


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