Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wolfdôr as a Brand?

Simply, we handcraft goods that are inspired by medieval fantasy and history. Wolfdôr is a handcraft company started by two friends who had deep passions for popular fantasy and medieval stories. We naturally blend looseleaf teas that use stories from books, movies, television, video games and history as inspiration for flavours and names. We also create decor including tavern signs, maps, pillow tosses, candles and more. The apparel that we create is a combination of high-fashion design and popular stories.

Why Purchase Wolfdôr Tea?

Our looseleaf tea bases including rooibos, black and green tea is sourced from Ontarian farms. Blends are created in-house, using all natural ingredients. We take pride in dehydrating and processing all of our own fruit and herbs, which we try to source as locally as possibly. Tea blends are mixed on a weekly basis, ensuring our teas are fresh by the time it reaches our customers. We also take pride in the crafting of our famous burlap tea bags. Made to resemble a sack of herbs one may keep in the middle ages, our tea bags make the perfect piece of kitchen or room decor. Each label is manually and uniquely candle-burned to give it an ancient effect.

Do You Have the Right to Make These Goods?

Our goods are produced by fans for fans of popular stories. Each item is also individually handcrafted opposed to mass produced. Our goal is to combine fantasy medieval worlds with our own. Although we use fantastic stories as inspiration, all of the names for our goods are altered to avoid copyright infrindgement. All other rights are reserved solely for their owners.

Do You Create Custom Goods for Events?

Yes, we produce custom designed labels and tea blends for weddings, birthdays, parties, professional events and more! Simply contact us by email at wolfdorco@gmail.com to inquire about a custom bulk order. This is what you can choose: 1. Looseleaf Tea Base 2. Ingredient (+$1.50/bag) 3. Custom Designed Label with Description and Graphics