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Viking Collection - Looseleaf Tea - Nordic Inspired
  • Viking Collection - Looseleaf Tea - Nordic Inspired

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    Praise be to the God's, our triple pack of Nordic inspired tea includes Ragnar's Broth, Floki's Spiced Ale and Odin's Offering. Inspired by Norse culture and the history of the pagans within northern Europe, each flavour and blend is crafted to provide tastes that tell their story. 


    Odin, All-Father of the Gods, take this offering at our mercy! This rooibos, tulsi, chai blend is our gift to you. We indulge you with the fruits of our summer harvest. Bestow upon us Your grace, Your power and Your wisdom. Upon this offering we will celebrate thy divine spirit through sacrifice, music, mead and of course, tea.


    Ingredients: Tulsi, licorice root, cloves, rooibos, cinnamon, ginger (Strength: 2/5).


    Infamous raider of foreign lands Ragnar Lothbrok uses this very blend of black tea before every invasion. The aromatic mixture of black tea and orange creates a broth adequate of healing with antioxidants and providing immortal strength, making a proper concoction for any Viking ruler. Feel the winds of the sea and smell the scents of the wild with Ragnar’s ancient broth.


    Ingredients: Black tea, bergamot, dehydrated orange, blackcurrant berry, flowers.


    Floki, the famous boat builder of Kattegat, has finally shared his secret pagan brew. Made of Icelandic dirt, English butterscotch and Nordic spices, this tea blend combines ingredients from every land touched by the spirit of Odin. This sweet and spiced blend of flavours represents Floki's unpredictable and adventurous charm. 


    Ingredients: Black tea, cinnamon, clove, allspice, nutmeg, butterscotch chips (Strength: 3/5: Sweet, creamy, spiced).


    1 Bag = 50 grams/roughly 17-18 tbsp looseleaf (0.75 - 1 tbsp per 1 cup of 8/oz tea) Instructions: Bring water to a boil, pour and let looseleaf tea steep for around 5 minutes. Consume within 6 months of purchase. 


    Handcrafted in Whitby, Ontario, Canada. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook: @wolfdorco


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