Witcher Collection II - Witcher Inspired Looseleaf Tea
  • Witcher Collection II - Witcher Inspired Looseleaf Tea

    This is our second Witcher Collection inspired by the latest television adaption. Including Geralt's Ginger Elixir (a tulsi ginger blend), Roach's Food (a green tea pomegranate lavender brew) and Dandelion's Dandy Looseleaf Brew (a mixture of South African rooibos, vanilla, cinnamon, chai and allspice). 


    Geralt's Ginger Elixir

    The infamous grey-haired monster slayer Geralt of Rivia uses this Skellige-crafted elixir to heal beast-induced wounds. The stinging poisons and bacterium contracted while fighting the Continents most vile beasts often damages Geralt’s health and stamina. As a solution, witches of the Skellige Isles have concocted this ginger brew to heal Geralt back to health.


    Ingredients: Krishna, Rama and Vana variants of Tulsi tea, Ginger, Lemon Myrtle, Ginger Spice (Strength: 2/5). Caffeine Free. Health benefits include stress relief, healing of common ailments and strengthening of immune system. 


    Roach's Food

    This sack includes Roach’s healthy blend of pomegranate, lavender, marigold flower, apple and green tea leaves. Helps to increase stamina and reduces the urge to climb steep rock faces. 


    Ingredients: Green tea, lavender, marigold flower, roasted Ontarian apple (Strength: 2/5). Caffeine Free. Health benefits include metobolism stimulation, healing of common ailments and strengthening of immune system (antioxidants).


    Dandelion's Dandy Looseleaf Brew

    This extravagant blend of compliments Dandelion’s bright, flavourful and exotic character. Famous for telling the first-hand tales of Geralt of Rivia in taverns and inns across the continent, this bardsman goes nowhere without his dandy looseleaf brew. Some say it increases one's humorous abilities.


    Ingredients: South African rooibos tea, organic cinnamon, allspice, organic cloves (Strength: 5/5).


    1 Bag = 50 grams/roughly 17-18 tbsp looseleaf (0.75 - 1 tbsp per 1 cup of 8/oz tea) Instructions: Bring water to a boil, pour and let looseleaf tea steep for around 5 minutes.


    Handcrafted in Whitby, Ontario, Canada. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook: @wolfdorco


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