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Blacksmithing Level 1: Viking Horn Mug

Praise be, to the Gods! You're growing up so fast. It's time you learn your blacksmithing skills. In this lesson, we'll review the proper methods and steps to care for your vikingr horn mug! To begin with your lessons, you'll first need to purchase a horn mug from our Wolfdôr College shop. Please keep in mind, we offer two different horn mugs; one with a flat bottom and another classic 'full horn' style. Tell the wench behind the counter that your professor sent you and she'll give you a deal!

Pictured: Our flat bottom viking horn mug including a fixed handle.

Let's outline some important points about the tankard before we begin:

  • Made with a water-proof resin, this Buffalo horn tankard is drinkable and food-safe. Enjoy with your favourite beer, ale or cold brews.

  • The horn is finished with a solid wooden base.

  • Do not consume with hot beverages, it may wear away at coating of food-safe resin. Only drink with room-temperature/cold beverages.

Now, we will study the dimensions of the mug. However, do not fret my apprentices, every horn is unique so the dimensions will slightly vary with each one.

  • 14cm - 17cm Tall

  • Weighs 240g - 260g

  • Top Diameter approx. 7cm - 9cm

  • Bottom Diameter approx. 9cm to 10cm

  • Holds 500 - 600ml

  • Made of polished, heat-treated buffalo horn, water proof food safe resin

Once you've successfully verified the measurements of your horn, it is time to master the cleaning process. Nobody wants last eves mead rotting away in the depths of their tankard, so it is important that you thoroughly and appropriately wash out your mug. If not washed out properly, you could face dipping your nose into a cup that smells like the local butcher's sweaty bottom after a hard days work.

How to Clean Your Viking Horn

  1. Rise under warm water - NEVER place in your dishwasher

  2. Apply soap and scrub with a light sponge or cloth

  3. Make sure to get the creases inside the mug

  4. Lightly rinse under warm / cold water

  5. Inspect the mug under light; look for any wear in the resin

  6. If you find that over time the resin is disappearing, you can visit your local hardware store for food-safe resin and reapply gently

  7. Store your tankard in a cool, dark location, such as a cupboard

Congratulations you novice scum, you have successfully completed your Blacksmithing Level 1. You're all set to own, clean and drink out of our viking horn tankard! Skol!

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