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Conjuration Level 1: How to Craft Cold Brews

Welcome to Wolfdôr College! Our ancient ways of craftsmanship will introduce you to a new world of fantasy! This blog will outline the basics of crafting a fresh cold brew, just in time for the summer heat. Wolfdôr sells two dedicated cold brew teas, however most of our hibiscus blends are wonderful brewed cold.

Our peach hibiscus Summer's Eve in the Shire is our top selling cold brew. Infused with Misty Mountain river water and ingredients foraged from farmers gardens, this cold brew is served at every summer festival in the small villages across the Shire. Made of garden peach, bush berries and yellow flower, this cold brew is a vital refresher for hard working Hobbits. 

We also serve Dragons Breath - A Targaryen Cold Brew. Dragon’s Breath is a strawberry lemonade blend of hibiscus tea inspired by the incendiary fumes of Daenerys’ dragons. This brew can be found in King’s Landing inns and taverns, with its popularity fuelled by tales of the Dragon Queen. Whether it’s the heat of the Red Waste desert or the Dornish sun beating down on your skin, enjoy this cold-water blend anywhere in Westeros. But how do you properly craft a cold brew? There are numerous methods to create cold tea but we have outlined our most preferable. Follow these steps to achieve Level 1 Conjuration:

How to Craft Cold Brews

  1. Steep your tea in bulk at the bottom of a large glass pitcher. You can use fillable tea bags or steel mesh infusers. Remember, one serving of tea is typically around 2 - 3 grams (or 1 tablespoon) of loose leaf depending on how you enjoy it. You'll likely have to experiment a few times to achieve your preferable strength.

    1. Another method of brewing is to place your tea loosely in the pitcher and use a cheese cloth/filter once it's ready to serve.

  2. Fill your pitcher with cold (or room temperature water).

  3. Place your pitcher in your fridge and let it sit for 8-12 hours (for black and oolong teas) or 6-8 hours (for green/hibiscus teas).

  4. Once the brewing is over, you're ready to serve! Keep in mind, if you decided to place your leaf loosely in the pitcher, you'll need to strain out all of your tea!

  5. Your tea is kept fresh refrigerated for 3-5 days. However, if it's a Wolfdôr blend, it certainly won't last that long.

Congratulations, you've now achieved Conjuration Level 1! Next class, we'll be upgrading our crafting skills by learning how to properly treat your viking horn tankards!

Visit our shop for loose leaf blends including rooibos, white, green, black and oolong!

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